Subject Firebird 1.5 for Linux -- database privileges
Author Maciej Grzywocz
Hello all.

Two days ago I downloaded Firebird 1.5 SS for Linux -- so I am a
firebird-newbie. I have used other DBs such as Postrges and MySQL.

I have a question regarding database file privileges: I am able to
create tables in ANY database file accessible for me -- as ANY user in
the system. For example, I can do:

$ isql localhost:employee.fdb
SQL> create table foo (id int, name varchar(30));

...without any error. The table is then owned by the user whose name is
the same as system user name, although there is no entry in security
table, except for SYSDBA user.

I would like to control which users create tables in specified
databases, but did not find information how to do it -- and I'm puzzled

Maciej Grzywocz <emgie@...>