Subject Re: Firebird 1.5 for Linux -- database privileges
Author Svein Erling
Hi Maciej!

The reason for no-one answering you, could be related to this type of
question belonging to Repeat your
question there and you will most likely get answers.


--- In, Maciej Grzywocz wrote:
> Hello all.
> Two days ago I downloaded Firebird 1.5 SS for Linux -- so I am a
> firebird-newbie. I have used other DBs such as Postrges and MySQL.
> I have a question regarding database file privileges: I am able to
> create tables in ANY database file accessible for me -- as ANY user
> the system. For example, I can do:
> $ isql localhost:employee.fdb
> SQL> create table foo (id int, name varchar(30));
> ...without any error. The table is then owned by the user whose name
> the same as system user name, although there is no entry in security
> table, except for SYSDBA user.
> I would like to control which users create tables in specified
> databases, but did not find information how to do it -- and I'm
> :/