Subject Ye-ouch, mouse problems
Author zac29349

I have a simulation input data preparation tool which uses Firebird as
it's backend database. A client recently installed my tool on a Linux

I had indicated to him that he probably would need to reboot after
installation to start all of the correct processes for the database to

After rebooting his mouse no longer works:-(

He uses:

Debian Sys 2, version 2.4.22 with the KDE window manager.

Since I'm really new to using Firebird on Linux I distributed the
FirebirdCS- as a separate file for him to install.

The other part of my install was merely a single tar file that he
extracted to his drive.

He was instructed to use the script included with Firebird.
At the moment, he has gone home for the day, thus, I'm going to
assume he used it.

Personally I installed Firebird just fine on my Linux (RH9) box with
no problems.

Anybody got any ideas what could have went wrong? Any suggestions on
what questions to ask? Where to look?

I'm really in a bind on this since he is a very important client and
he is trying to decide whether to use the Windows or the Linux version
of my tool.

He currently prefers Linux since he uses Linux everyday as his desktop
anyway. I don't really care, I just would prefer he have a "good user

Unfortunately he is on the other side of the US from me, otherwise I
would just visit him personally.

Thanks in advance.