Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Ye-ouch, mouse problems
Author Milan Babuskov
zac29349 wrote:
> I had indicated to him that he probably would need to reboot after
> installation to start all of the correct processes for the database to
> run.

Not really. It's not Windows. Linux should only be restarted when you
change hardware.

> After rebooting his mouse no longer works:-(


> He was instructed to use the script included with Firebird.

This can be tricky. If he has a script named in his path, and
he typed just "" instead of ./, disasters can
happen. If that is the case, you can get that that he has and
look what has it done.

> Anybody got any ideas what could have went wrong? Any suggestions on
> what questions to ask? Where to look?

Look at the X-Server settings. I don't know about Debian, but this
doesn't look like it has got anything to do with Firebird.

He should also check /var/log/messages or run dmesg, to see if system
reports any errors related to mouse while booting.

> He currently prefers Linux since he uses Linux everyday as his desktop
> anyway. I don't really care, I just would prefer he have a "good user
> experience".


Milan Babuskov