Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Building a firebird console
Chad Z. Hower wrote:
> 1) The tool should NOT be a catch all. JUST able to create DBs,
> users, exec SQL, and perform select SQL.

Agreed, that's what I was saying.

> 2) The tool will not be something users will stick with. They will
> move to command line or buy a 3P tool later.

Agreed again.

> 3) But the tool WILL let them "play" a little and at least create a
> DB to the use from C#, Delphi or other.

As to this, I would also see in a very nice light the chance to
extend component libraries like ZEOS to support it directly.

This would give Delphi developers a good way to interact with
Firebird using widely known alternative DB access libraries,
with more support for projects like UIB - just to say one.

> I would envision something very similar to the IBConsole that ships
> with IB. Its literally a GUI version of ISQL with a few extras.

Nope, I'd rather say a "reduced" IBExpert Personal Edition.

> This will not hurt 3Ps in anyway, and will actually help them by
> giving new users a jump start on FB and expanding the market.

Absolutely, it would instead be a very nice way to let users
"touch" what Firebird is.