Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Building a firebird console
Author Toni Martir
> 3) But the tool WILL let them "play" a little and at
> least create a
> DB to the use from C#, Delphi or other.
> I would envision something very similar to the
> IBConsole that ships
> with IB. Its literally a GUI version of ISQL with a
> few extras.
> This will not hurt 3Ps in anyway, and will actually
> help them by
> giving new users a jump start on FB and expanding
> the market.

This features are really easy to implement, it's a
small part of for example IBAccess

Note also IBConsole can be used, because it was
released under IPL license and works in Windows and

Anyway a pure C++ Gui application can provide more
portability and smaller size, but I don't know how
much time requires to program it.

I find interesting for the beginner this features:
- Create/Delete Databases
- Backup/Restore
- Create/Delete users
- Execute SQL sentences

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