Subject RE: [Firebird-devel] Problems
Author Chad Z. Hower
(Moving to FB general, CCing you in case you are not a member)

:: Nope. IBPhoenix is a commercial company that happens to sponsor
:: Firebird and list InterBase and Firebird related news.

This needs to be clarified and should be listed as such on their site. While
nowhere does it claim to be the official site, for users who do not know it
certainly appears to be.


This is an Indy Portal. But users are fully aware that it is NOT the Indy

Now I know IBPhoenix is not trying to deceive anyone or masquerade - but
since its not clear users are left to assume that it is the official site.

:: How about something very simple, like this:

Yes. Something very similar to that.

:: Alternatively, there has been talk about bundling open source
:: tools with the basic Firebird install, but this always was rejected.

Something should be resolved here. Inaction is a problem it appears.

:: It a simple console - like my example - is all that's needed, I'm willing
:: to maintain the one in my example.

That's all that's needed. Something like IBConsonle. But FB has to commit to
something and ship it in the install - that appears to be the hardest part,
not the creation of the tool itself.