Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird Marketing
Author Paul Beach

> Well, thinking twice there is something you can do: you can buy a nice
> T-Shirt from IBPhoenix Shop (Paul, help me on this - where are the
> t-shirts and the hats that Lester has been working on? I can not see
> them on IBPhoenix Shop). And you know that profits from this are
> reverted to the Foundation.

Funny you should mention this, but the setup has been done, and the shirts
(T & Polo) are currently being embroidered. I have managed to find
a local place (to me) that can do "small" quantities as I need them.
Expect them to be on the shop in about a week :-)
Colours - currently, White and Black.

Other goods will follow e.g. Mousemats, Hats, Coffee Mugs etc