Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird Marketing
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Artur,

> I would like to forget about the out-of-date Novice's Guide,

Actually I find that document very interesting, but it should be
renamed ASAP. Right know the name suggests that it's a Starters'

Worse, the text that's still in the homepage's sidebar strengthens
that misconception: "If you're new to the Firebird, you may find the
Novice's Guide a quite helpful" ... "Novice's Guide provide you with
basic information about Firebird project, and about Firebird
relational database engine"

Newcomers should, first and foremost, be directed to the Quick Start

Paul Vinkenoog

(must have gone through the QSG a hundred times -
talk about the eternal newcomer ;-))