Subject Re: Firebird Marketing
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, Jakub Hegenbart wrote:
> Funny, I'm acting as an an unpaid Firebird popularizer wherever my
> feet carry me :) I'm piloting the idea of using Firebird instead of
> Access in my employing company (software localization - building an
> inhouse tool. Actually, I'm a knowledgeable translator, not a
> database engineer :)
> It may be slow, but one by one, the people I'm talking with are
> willing to give FB a try. I'm not a good psychologist, that probably
> means that FB doesn't need much more marketing than convincing the
> right people to try it because of its qualities :)

When reading this, my first thought was 'How strange that the right
people normally doesn't get the idea: "I think I will simply punch into my browser and see what happens"', but after
having done that myself trying to pretend to be a newcomer, my
thoughts changed a bit. What I found most natural to click, was the
'Novice's guide' (is there really an apostrophe before the s in
Novice's?). That guide starts with two pages describing InterBase and
even mentions a recent release of InterBase 6.5 and on the third page
when finally reaching Firebird talks about 'currently' as January
2002! I think that Novice's guide could be renamed 'Geeks' historical
Firebird document' and that new users shouldn't be adviced to go there
(it was a fair document at the time when most newcomers came from
InterBase). Then I tried to find the beatiful one- or two-page
document written by Frank Ingermann describing Firebird's features (at
least it was great when it was new), but I couldn't.

Firebird is a great database, but we do lack something on our home
pages that is both relevant and easily accessible/understandable for