Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird Marketing
Author Jakub Hegenbart
I looked on this site:
> and saw that firebird was not mentioned. My first thought was "hey why
> not" but then I started thinking about marketing in general and there
> seems to be a great problem with getting Firebird to the masses which
> is marketing. In my humble opinion I feel that this is the single
> reason MySQL has the huge user base that it does.
> Are there any plans on how to better market Firebird and increase it's
> popularity and user base?
> Giulio

Funny, I'm acting as an an unpaid Firebird popularizer wherever my feet carry me :) I'm piloting the idea of using Firebird instead of Access in my employing company (software localization - building an inhouse tool. Actually, I'm a knowledgeable translator, not a database engineer :)

It may be slow, but one by one, the people I'm talking with are willing to give FB a try. I'm not a good psychologist, that probably means that FB doesn't need much more marketing than convincing the right people to try it because of its qualities :)