Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: FB-SQL documentation
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Maurice, Alexander, ...

>> I'm just wondering if there is any documentation on the grammar of
>> SQL implemented on FB?

> Maurice the most paintful question. It is very complex task - to
> write complete and formal FB documentation and not to be quilted in
> plagiarism from IB6 docs. So still we should have at table IB6 docs
> and Relaease Notes of FB version we use. I think it is one more task
> for our beloved Foundation (C) Martijn for next year.

And to everybody who wants to make a contribution to this task: please
join the firebird-docs mailing list and see what's going on there. I
think we can get something going this year, but we'll need all the
help we can get!

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Paul Vinkenoog