Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Firebird corrupts databases more often?
Author Leyne, Sean

> >My vote: Always use Forced Writes and UPS, regardless of version!
> >
> >The v1.5 changes only reduced the amount of data which would be lost
> >to power loss -- it did not eliminate data loss.
> Yes, that's true. But I've never seen a Linux database that had a
> TIP, which is the hallmark of too much stuff stuck in cache. The
> problem is really that busy pages _never_ get written out and TIPs
tend to
> be busy.

My apologizes, you're quite right!

My message should have mentioned that those settings are for Win32

> Forcing a cache flush from time to time should greatly reduce
> the damage innocents can do to themselves.


Your message, however, could have been construed to mean that v1.5
ensured no loss of data. I was trying to be more "emphatic" about the
conditions to ensure no loss.