Subject Re: [Firebird-general] one database inside other.. inside other .. inside other..
Author german aracil boned
Dalton Calford wrote:

>Have you addressed the following?
> a) Recursive ACL structure for rights management?
A recursive to infinite structure with only one runlevel -> Firebird
enginner for access to all levels. Al structures are identifier with
only an integer field.
You can access from top level of structure to last level searching value
in an integer field indexed and unique. You can create for a field
record a link to other table. Example:

Table 1 -> have unique identifier
color -> string field -> have unique identifier

Data for table 1 (id = 1)

color -> (id = 2)
black -> (id = 3) (record id = 1)
white -> (id = 4) (record id = 2)
red -> (id = 5) (record id = 3)
blue -> (id = 6) (record id = 4)

Table 2 with id = 7
model -> a string field (id = 8)
color -> link to records on table 1 (id=9)
manual -> inside of this field you can put files with data or other
elements. (all elements in tlsystem have a directory and you can create
new elements down it) id = 101

Data for table 2 (id=7)
model -> scort (id=10) (record id = 1)
color -> link to a register in table 1. link to 3 directly. This record
link have id = 11 (record id = 1)
manual -> have: imagefile.jpg (id=102), readme.doc (id=103)

Table 3 (id=12)
name -> a string field (id=13)
car type -> a link to other table. (id=14)

Data for table 3
name -> Dalton (have id = 15) (record id = 1)
car type -> a link to record 1 in table 2 (link to 10 directly) (record
id = 1)

Record id = for group records in table.
car type have link to 10 directly and 10 have link record 1.. car type =
model scort with color 11 (color 11 = link to id 3 = red) with manuals
and photos 102 and 103.

You can create more structures, it's a new construction philosophy.. All
levels are in the same level.. all structures are in the same structure.
All indexes are the same indexes for all structures.
basically work two indexes of integer and one table in main system..
it's fast ? .. yessss

Al tables, fields and records have an unique integer identifier in
master database (TL System)

> b) Auto space expansion of a volume by adding a secondary TL system on
> another media to an existing TL system
You can connect to other tlsystem with a link. TL System have this links
type: 1 to file, 2 to directory, 3 to database (extern firebird
database), 4 to other tlsystem... to table to field to record... When an
element is a link the field "link" have the id to destination element.
The main table in tlsystem have this "primary" fields ...

id -> integer and key to it. <-
id_up -> integer id to up id element.
is_file -> type of element.. file directory.. link.. table..
link-> id to destination link.

> c) FileSystem drivers for various operating systems - linux, windows, freebsd
> etc.
Don't have drivers.. TL System work in top level ;) Don't can access
directly to hdd. Is multiplataform.

> d) cross-indexing of field contents for fast file searches.
Very fast access. All fields are index in main system (firebird database)

> e) performance optimizations for file(blob) operations
Blobs are stored to other table. with 4 fields :

1 id to owner element.
2 block number. (sector in ordinary filesystems)
3 blob (blobs have 65535 bytes max of data)
4 rep for replication system. (mirror to other database tlsystem)

I can send Relation image of database structure.. Can I send it to list
admin ?

best regards.. :)

>best regards
>On September 10, 2003 03:38 am, german aracil boned wrote:
>>Yes with firebird and TL System
>>In next release, you can create tables and fields in TL System. And you
>>can create new table back of any field.. News structures are found now.
>>You can create links, files, and directories now. But all elements
>>(files, links..) are directories or have a directory down that. You can
>>create new elements in those directories. If you create an element with
>>type table, you can create new elements down it. News elements of type
>>fields. And down of those elements you can write records of data.. files
>>or news tables. Remember, all elements have directory. Down of this
>>records you can create news tables.. news structures..
>>The table name is the element name (how in files..)
>>The field name.. is the element name (down the table)
>>The record data is the element name or a file with data.(name for title)
>>The records are linked with link field (in sys_files table) and type of
>>element is stored in is_file field.
>>if is_file = 0 element is a file with data.
>>if is_file = 1 element is a directory.
>>if is_file = 2 element is a link to file.
>>link = number of this destination file
>>if is_file = 6 element is a table
>>if is_file = 7 element is a field
>>if is_file = 8 element is a record data.
>>link = record number inside of this table. Al record fields have this
>>number for a same record.
>>All with next release of Top Level System.
>>And more docs with install instructions of database, service, web file
>>Any comment ?
>> German Aracil
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