Subject Re: So much for Mozilla dropping Firebird
Author brendaneich
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> We want to fix the branding problem soon. I'm not able to speak for
> staff right now, but I hope to have something to say within a week
> or so.

I wanted to let you all know that will rename Mozilla
Firebird as soon as possible. The renaming won't happen before the
Mozilla Firebird 0.7 release due this month.

I'm sorry for the delay in following up here.

In view of a forthcoming Firebird newsreader mentioned by Alexander V.
Nevsky, I wonder whether we could some day have a Firebird web browser
that uses the Firebird database code (for history, cache, other
metadata) in combination with the Mozilla browser and Gecko layout
engine code. Such a browser would be a first-class db browser, too,
of course. Just a thought,