Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: So much for Mozilla dropping Firebird
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Brendan

brendaneich wrote:

> We want to fix the branding problem soon. I'm not able to speak for
> staff right now, but I hope to have something to say within a week or
> so. Please bear with us.

Im glad you've come round to seeing it as a problem.

My belief on the Firebird projects position is that :

1) We still would like Mozilla to change the name of both the project
and the product to remove/change the word "Firebird".

2) We're happy to give them reasonable time to change it.

3) I belive we could also live with something similar but slightly
different - such as flamebird, or Feuerbird etc.

The adoption of "Mozilla Firebird" while probably acceptable to us as an
interim solution, was always going to cause trouble. The longer it goes
on the more the trouble it causes us, Even now on mozilla main page, we have:

"...Firebird is likely to soar past IE" and
"Find out why people everywhere are switching to Firebird."

So it's no wonder your developers and customers are starting to use it.

You also wrote:
> One more thing I will ask here: please help to end the accusations of
> acting with malice aforethought. They're untrue, and they
> don't aid anyone involved in reaching a conclusion.

From this ordeal so far, principles involved in the firebird project,
have collected an inbox full of personal hate mail (some of it fairly
foul) and had many false accusations leveled at them, sometimes, I
presume and hope, by well intentioned people who are just misinformed.

From what I read the story from those within their
experience is not too dissimilar to ours.

Truth is at a base level, the people involved at any real level in our
two projects, and our communities, are essentially very similar.

I think we are all interested in seeing the main issue solved and that
will also see an end to these associated problems.

For our part there is not much we can do, other than hope
will eventually make a decision acceptable to us. But for the little we
can do, we are persuing registration of the Firebird name.


Mark O'Donohue