Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: General Comparision of Firebird versus MS SQL 2000
Author Milan Babuskov
mailmur wrote:
> Overall SQL2K package has an enterprise quality admin tools +
> documentation, where as Firebird dont have anything but a commandline
> tools and lack of detailed documentation. You must find admin tools
> (+good documentation) from the community network.

Firebird has great docs!

Just download the Interbase 6 documentation + Firebird Release Notes,
and you'll have full enterprise-quality docs. You can find all links for
these here:

As for admin tools, be sure to try IB Expert Free Personal Edition from:

Most have opinion that it's the best free Firebird admin tool. Of
course, you have some great commercial tools, like Firebird Workbench
which seems to be even better than M$ tools you have with MSSQL...


Milan Babuskov