Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Would I be permitted to use this gloat image?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Colin,

C Fraser wrote:
> Hi,
> Yip, not looking bad (ie. looking quite good), others seemed to have
> 'dissed' the 'Storage By' term, I actually liked that better than the
> 'Powered By' as it seems to explain what it actually does better... IMHO
> Firebird(SQL) provides the storage for the website more than it powers
> the website... Powered by sounds better left to the web server software
> itself, again IMHO...

hmmm... all of the above is true *if* you use FB to run
a website - which i don't ;-)

in our app FB is the central part of a production
system, lots of sps and triggers make sure machines
run and people operating them know what they're doing
(and noone else is doing the same at the same time etc.).
So from my pov our app, a classic c/s app with a single
Win32 delphi/ibo client exe, is literally "powered by"
Firebird - "storage by" alone would be pure understatement!

the "bad" thing about Fb is that so many people use it
in so many different ways, makes it hard to make everyone
happy... it would probably be best to have different small
logos for the different aspects of usage of Fb.

> But then again I like the ring of FirebirdSQL
> better than just Firebird :-)... So just shoot me.

shoot me too, then! (to be honest i also like
FirebirdSQL more as it saves you lots of
explanations - but otoh i use it for what it
does, not its name, so i don't really mind)