Subject Would I be permitted to use this gloat image?
Author Nigel Weeks
I know I've caused headaches for a lot of people, but I'm wondering if this
gloat is ok?

It features the bird, fresh from a vector conversion from Chris Knight

The bird's red, through to orange at the top
The word 'SQL' is seperate, and on it's own line
The word 'Firebird' is clear, but not using the standard font (not available
It doesn't have the header 'Storage by' that many people disliked.
It has colour, so it isn't so dull.

Does the 'SQL' text need to be smaller, so the 'Firebird' text does not
cover it?

I need a gloat that fits in with the other open-source gloats. That's why I
can't have white backgrounds, big circles, huge red fonts, etc...

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