Subject Re: Comments on logo usage - Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Martijn / all,

>>>Perhaps the Foundation could fund an
>>>artist to fix up the graphic for us.
>>well, im not an artist :-) but i do have vector versions
>>(corel) of the Markus Soell logo with the Gill font
>>(revectorized "by hand" from his orginal), the ones i
>>used for the Foundation T-Shirt. They scale down pretty
>>Helen, if you don't mind i could try to make some
>>"powered by" logos from that so maybe we could save
>>the money for the artist ;-)

ok, i had some time today and played around a bit,
here's the result: more logo suggestions...

note: personally i don't really mind whether it
sais "powered by", "driven by", "storage by";
or "Database Server", "Open Source RDBMS",
"Relational Database", whatever... i wouldn't
even mind "SQL" either ;-)

it's more about the font, colors & layout.