Subject Comments on logo usage - Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author Martijn Tonies
Helen, others -

I like the foundation logo. It's clear, simple and effective.

> In the past few days, I've observed a proposal (from Nigel Weeks) for
> people to use a "gloat" graphic that he designed as part of a look-alike
> set that he did for a bunch of products that his company distributes in
> software. He invited others to use it. Apart from the misnaming -
> FirebirdSQL (the name of the Foundation) instead of Firebird (the name of
> the product) I thought his graphic was dull and out of character.
> Myself, I don't especially like the font and colours which Pavel uses on
> the Firebird website (and which IBPhoenix reduced, shadowed and offered as
> a gloat logo for community use). I think Pavel probably did this one
> too. I think he told me that the font came from Corel Draw.

Then why don't remove that logo?

Why is the logo different if we have an "official" logo?

Why is the bird used in the "I'm a Firebird sponsor" image different?

Wouldn't it be time to set things straight once and for all?

Martijn Tonies