Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author David Garamond
Artur Anjos wrote:
> Yes. But I think Firebird project is open to new ideas! :-)

Of course.

> I don't like the image of the bird as it is now. It's old. I vote for a
> change. This is call 'evolution'. Firebird is a strong project, with a
> strong history. Changing the logo will not change our history, it will just
> make it more 'cool', more 'new Milenniun', and son on.

As long as the new logo is in sync with the name "firebird" (as in the
phoenix bird/creature) itself (and as long as it's more cool :-), I'm in.

>>>2. i'd prefer having these elements in the button: a) the
> I don't. We don't have so much marketing for now, so it will be easy to
> change everything.

Easy, perhaps. But good? Remember, the most important function of a
logo/button is to associate with a product. If the logo/button changed
drastically from month to month, and people got confused and could not
associate the logo/button with the product, would that be a good thing?

>>>3. i personally don't like the words "Enterprise RDMBS" and "Storage
>>>By". the second sounds kind of... sorry, silly to me. if i were the one
>>>to make the button, i'd just say "Powered By Firebird".
> I like the 'Powered by Firebird'.
> And I like our 'Relational Database for the New Millennium'.

I second that.

> I don't like the word SQL at all.

And that. Somehow "SQL" reminds me of MySQL and SQLite... not that they
are bad, but I thought we're different ;-)