Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author Artur Anjos
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> > I don't like the image of the bird as it is now. It's old. I vote for a
> > change. This is call 'evolution'. Firebird is a strong project, with a
> > strong history. Changing the logo will not change our history, it will
> > make it more 'cool', more 'new Milenniun', and son on.
> As long as the new logo is in sync with the name "firebird" (as in the
> phoenix bird/creature) itself (and as long as it's more cool :-), I'm in.

Bjoern point me out this web site:

This images have a great resolution. I like the bird as it is here. And I
like this colors. The yellow turning orange is great here. And this
lettering of the word 'Firebird'! Uau!

So, this was my "evolution": keep the bird, with this colors and this type
of letter.

[ But new ideas should always be welcome, without any restrictions of shape,
color, etc ]


About changing the logo: yes, I know that changing a brands face it's quite
difficult. But changes could be done at a specific time, and a new version
(1.5) could be the time to a new look. At the time we will have
announcements, it will be easy to change our image to a new one. Marketing
is target to new people, that's why companies change logo's from time to