Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author Bjoern Latte
>Nigel, don't turn the site down!
I can only quote Artur here. Keep the work up as it is a point for
collecting and organising ideas.

>I don't like the image of the bird as it is now. It's old.
I don't quite agree. What in your opinion make the bird old?
Comparing the bird to other logos out there in the buisnes world it
looks quite fresh an meets current design standrads mostly flashing
simplified objects with clear lines. Also the colouring does not have
an old feel. Only the curved fonts on some icons are not up to current
The new icons having this dark blue backround have a much older feeling
to me.

>This is call 'evolution'. Firebird is a strong project, with a
>strong history. Changing the logo will not change our history, it will just
>make it more 'cool', more 'new Milenniun', and son on.
Agreed on the strong history, but hopping designs will not make a
product better. It will only confuse customers. (Why else do big
companies need multi million $ campaigns just to position some new

>I like the 'Powered by Firebird'.
Definitly something.

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