Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work stops...
Author Artur Anjos
Nigel, don't turn the site down!

I don't like this images, as I told you, but I like very much the idea to
change our image. Your site could be (and should be, since you take this
iniciative) the place to discuss this. Since you have the time to collect
and organize this.... :-)

Regarding David's post:

> > 1. i thought we already have a logo/mascot (the "bird")? so i assume
> > nig's project is about creating the small banner/button to be placed on
> > websites (the "Powered By" button).

Yes. But I think Firebird project is open to new ideas! :-)

I don't like the image of the bird as it is now. It's old. I vote for a
change. This is call 'evolution'. Firebird is a strong project, with a
strong history. Changing the logo will not change our history, it will just
make it more 'cool', more 'new Milenniun', and son on.

> > 2. i'd prefer having these elements in the button: a) the
> > red/orange/yellow colors; b) the logo/the bird itself; c) the official
> > typeface/font, since they are all associative of the logo/mascot itself.
> > nig's array of buttons don't seem to have any of these. what are the
> > reasoning behind blue-grayish background color, a different font, and no
> > mascot/logo anyway?

I don't. We don't have so much marketing for now, so it will be easy to
change everything. A good logo and a good image is a helper to a good
marketing. We don't have so much people abble to work on this, putting some
restrictions will make the job harder.

> > 3. i personally don't like the words "Enterprise RDMBS" and "Storage
> > By". the second sounds kind of... sorry, silly to me. if i were the one
> > to make the button, i'd just say "Powered By Firebird".

I like the 'Powered by Firebird'.
And I like our 'Relational Database for the New Millennium'.
I don't like the word SQL at all.