Subject about firebird and oracle
Author Marius Popa Adrian
something nice about firebird on oracle groups (customer testimonials :) )

quoting :
"eugene kim schrieb:
> Candido Dessanti wrote:
>> Nothing is comparable with oracle :)
> hua..
> as far as i know, postgresql is the best open source db..
> (which is a lot smaller than oracle)
> has anyone have an idea when postgresql or other open source db
> can catch up oracle?
> as linux did against other operating systems.
> thx

Hi Eugene,

there are a lot of good open source database systems available. For
example, there is Firebird, a spin of coming from Interbase. Have a look

In my last project (a production control system) i did a comparison
between MS-SQL Server, Oracle 8.x and Interbase. We came to point, that
Oracle was to expensive for this project (license fee for each processor
on each cluster machine: round about 100,000.-$ license fee) and so we
used Interbase (during the development process we switched to Firebird).
There were a lot difficult of objectives to fulfill, e.g.:
* 24h operation on 6 or 7 days a week
* operation on a fail safe cluster system
* about 25 millions of blobs per year
* about 50 millions of records per year
* 100% logging and archiving of all data

Firebird is doing its job quite well and it is easy to understand and to
program. But Oracle has a lot of advantages, too.

The choice of the appropriate database system depends on your needs.
It's a tool. Use the right tool to solve your problem and you will
succeed. So start with the definition of your needs."