Subject Moved from: [ib-support] Firebird and Kylix
Author Tom Munro Glass
Moved from: [ib-support] Firebird and Kylix

Hi Helen

I'm also interested in how FB developments on Linux are going to evolve, and along with many others I would like to know what the future holds for Kylix.

Personally I'm not concerned about the lack of native IBO visual components for Kylix because I use a business object layer between the data access and user interface layers.

However, I would appreciate your thoughts on how IBO might evolve for cross platform use. Kylix is obviously one possibility but its future seems to be uncertain. What about .NET? I haven't looked into .NET in any detail yet, but I understand that it offers a path for cross platform development, so is there likely to be an IBO for .NET?


Tom Munro Glass

> Hi Tobias,
> 'way off-topic here now...
> What you say about *application code* is true (more or less: 
> some things
> about the DA layer can't be done with CLX and so they are
> simply missing).
> But you miss my point that addressed Christoph's question: 
> "What is the
> timeframe for IBO that I can use in either Delphi or Kylix?"
> There isn't a chance that you can take your existing IBO app
> source and
> just compile it in Kylix.  The only way that would be
> possible is if you
> used CLX in all of the source - for which you would need Win/CLX data
> access classes.  So - with source developed for the VCL,
> there will be
> defines to do to make your source compile in Kylix and run in
> some sort of
> a fashion on Linux.
> We are not likely to have a CLX/Win version of IBO.  We do
> have a CLX/Linux
> version of IBO.  We do have VCL IBO.  The CLX (for Linux) and
> VCL (Windows)
> code for the data access layer is in the *same* code units (with a
> gazillion conditional compiler directives, no problem)
> Wherever *possible*,
> the classes work just as they do in Delphi.  But there are
> things that we
> do in our IBO Windows apps that are not possible with just
> Kylix as it
> stands now.
> Hence the concern to get some clearer picture from B. about where, if
> anywhere, Kylix is going.
> It's not Firebird (or InterBase, for that matter) that's the
> cause of these
> problems, which makes it decidedly off-topic in ib-support,
> for which I
> apologise.  We should keep these non-support threads in
> firebird-general.
> cheers,
> heLen