Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Moved from: [ib-support] Firebird and Kylix
Author Marius Popa Adrian
For the .net there is already .net provider and works on windows and linux ! (on mono) and can be used (delphi#,,csharpdevel, notepad or vi +makefile from the console)
If borland is moving to .net (delphi#, builder# ) then there will be firebird (ib) components written around the firebird .net provider i think no one will stop Jason (better ask him ;)) or others (Zeos,Mbo..etc) to write them
On linux(in fact on all unix and windows platforms) there is one more choice for the brave ones (who really want to risk) it's called
lazarus ( there are already two !! sets of components , one can be builed with the ide and the other
set is a port of freeib components to the lazarus (i'am working on it and have some progress) , you relly have to be very good delphi programmer to go on that route but at least it have some future

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 10:28:05 +1200
"Tom Munro Glass" <tom@...> wrote:

> Hi Helen
> I'm also interested in how FB developments on Linux are going to evolve, and
> along with many others I would like to know what the future holds for Kylix.
> Personally I'm not concerned about the lack of native IBO visual components
> for Kylix because I use a business object layer between the data access and
> user interface layers.
> However, I would appreciate your thoughts on how IBO might evolve for cross
> platform use. Kylix is obviously one possibility but its future seems to be
> uncertain. What about .NET? I haven't looked into .NET in any detail yet,
> but I understand that it offers a path for cross platform development, so is
> there likely to be an IBO for .NET?
> Regards
> Tom Munro Glass
> >
> > Hi Tobias,
> > 'way off-topic here now...
> >
> > What you say about *application code* is true (more or less:
> > some things
> > about the DA layer can't be done with CLX and so they are
> > simply missing).
> >
> > But you miss my point that addressed Christoph's question:
> > "What is the
> > timeframe for IBO that I can use in either Delphi or Kylix?"
> >
> > There isn't a chance that you can take your existing IBO app
> > source and
> > just compile it in Kylix. The only way that would be
> > possible is if you
> > used CLX in all of the source - for which you would need Win/CLX data
> > access classes. So - with source developed for the VCL,
> > there will be
> > defines to do to make your source compile in Kylix and run in
> > some sort of
> > a fashion on Linux.
> >
> > We are not likely to have a CLX/Win version of IBO. We do
> > have a CLX/Linux
> > version of IBO. We do have VCL IBO. The CLX (for Linux) and
> > VCL (Windows)
> > code for the data access layer is in the *same* code units (with a
> > gazillion conditional compiler directives, no problem)
> > Wherever *possible*,
> > the classes work just as they do in Delphi. But there are
> > things that we
> > do in our IBO Windows apps that are not possible with just
> > Kylix as it
> > stands now.
> >
> > Hence the concern to get some clearer picture from B. about where, if
> > anywhere, Kylix is going.
> >
> > It's not Firebird (or InterBase, for that matter) that's the
> > cause of these
> > problems, which makes it decidedly off-topic in ib-support,
> > for which I
> > apologise. We should keep these non-support threads in
> > firebird-general.
> >
> > cheers,
> > heLen
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