Subject Re: [Firebird-general] History
Author Lester Caine
>>>Does anybody have actual copies of what WAS being said in
>>>December 1999, as I have just been told that there was no
>>>plan by Borland to drop Interbase, and I'd like to know why
>>>I was concerned at the time :)
> The documents produced by Borland at that time were company
> confidential and the people who had access to them are
> constrained by non-disclosure agreements. I can say
> that between July and December of 1999, over 60% of the
> developers left the group - most leaving the company - along
> with the business unit manager, two development managers, and
> the support manager. The QA and documentation managers left
> shortly thereafter. Those of you who regularly attended
> Borcon can probably name a lot of the missing faces.

The current 'suggestion' is that this was all just a rumor
and that Borland 'had other ideas'. I was just trying to
establish IF there was ever a statement from Borland before
the Open Source activity. The old grey cells seem to think
that SOMETHING was printed to the effect that Interbase was
to be phased out, and it was that which prompted the
activity, rather than just rumors in the newsgroups?

Lester Caine
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