Subject History
Author Lester Caine
It has just come to my attention that a lot of the history
relating to WHY we had a problem in Decemebr 1999 is
starting to be lost. Links to news articles no longer work,
and Borland seems to be 'sanitising' things ( although that
is probably just 'moving' things as I have managed to find
some of the stuff ).

Does anybody have actual copies of what WAS being said in
December 1999, as I have just been told that there was no
plan by Borland to drop Interbase, and I'd like to know why
I was concerned at the time :)

The concern at the moment relates to Kylix and whether we
can rely on it as a development base, or should be switching
to something else - sound familiar ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services