Subject Firebird info needed (somewhat urgent)
Author Peyman Zehtab-Fard
Hello all,
I think I have just convinced a customer to go over to a open source
solution instead of upgrading their MS SQL Server 6.5 installations.
Now I need some information on concerning firebird and how it compares
to other Database Management Systems. I have used interbase before,
but solely for very simple applications.
I need a lot of info about firebird. Since I do not have the time to
test all the features and read all the articles on FB I would
appriciate some info or perhaps links to short articles regarding the
following issues (all on Win32):

* Availability of ODBC drivers
I know there were commercial ones available IB. How about FB. I did
not see one on the project lists.

* ADO Provider for FB
I know about one year ago there was one being developed for IB.

* Backup/replication
Any info. (links, project names,....)

* How does FB 1.5 compare to other databases such as mySQL and SQL
Server 2000.

* Any other cool features that I should know.

Many thanks
Peyman Zehtab-Fard