Subject Re[2]: [Firebird-general] Data Modeling Essentials: bad and good new s
Author Daniel Rail

At May 27, 2003, 05:45, Norman Dunbar wrote:

> Morning/evening Helen,

> I got that book some time back - on your advice - nice one !

> I don't suppose that Coriolis are owned by the same group as Wrox Press as
> they have just recently gone belly up thanks to their parent company as
> well. :o(

Wrox Press seems to have been acquired by Wiley Publishing.

Here's a statement from the Wrox Press website:

"Did Wiley acquire all of Wrox?
No. Wiley acquired the Wrox Press name/branding/trademarks, the
underlying capabilities for, and many of its bestselling
titles. For clarification, Wiley did not acquire the branding for
Glaushaus, Friends of Ed, or Curlingstone."

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