Subject Re: Mozilla's *Joy?* Of Naming
Author eric_ck_leung
Dear Andrew,
I am just a normal user of Firebird and Mozilla. Please let me share
a word.

1. 'Firebird' was/is/would be the Trademark for, which is the same important for 'Mozilla' to It is just not workable for a compromise. Just like M$
has to sue Lindows to protect their 'windows' system.

2. Yes, there was lack of communication between two parties. Why is
necessary two seperated and work independently teams? Only because
'Phoenix' chooses 'Firebird' for replacement. And 'phoenix' is in
fact, developed as a standalone product, and was orginially not in the
scope of

3. Who is the real boss of Asa? AOL? .. We don't know
if there is already establish a formal dialogue between two parties.

4. It seems 'Firebird' would be disappear from product
line in the long run. But is it necessary to fix it for this few
weeks while their existing routine still calling it as 'phoenix'?

As a users of both product, I really wish to see both teams could one
day work hand in hand. For instance, Mozilla embedded Firebird in
their Mozilla Mail and Mozilla calendar to improve their
functionality, while Firebird could use Mozilla to enter to realm of
XML etc., There are so many possibilities for both teams to work
together if they want to.

Just my 0.0002 cents

> Still, compromise *IS* necessary and I warmly invite you to
> take actions towards this aim.
> Please, please, please, let's come to a compromise that is
> good for all of us.
> I'm personally spreading the word around about the conflict and the
> awful behaviour of Mozilla in that respect, but I can't understand why
> there's not been yet to a reasonable compromise.
> Please, there's enough war around the world, peace.
> Andrew