Subject Re: Mozilla's *Joy?* Of Naming
Author brendaneich
Hi Lester -- I hope this sheds a little light:

> Since Mozilla's current 'browser' is actually 'Navigator' why did
> they have to create another new name now if Phoenix is going to
> become Mozzila Browser later?

Just as a point of fact, although Navigator is used in some parts of
the code and source tree, most people refer to the browser that's part
of the integrated (SeaMonkey) application suite as "the browser", and
they have done so for years. Further, and the greater practical
problem, people reporting bugs go to and enter new bug reports
against the "Browser" project.

That "Browser" bugzilla project dates back to 1998, and it contains a
whole lot of code that has been bound up in the big integrated app
suite -- far more code than is just in a browser application front
end, whether Navigator or the new Phoenix/Firebird front end. Bugs
against the Phoenix browser front end have gone into a "Phoenix"
bugzilla project, so far. We are *not* going to make a bugzilla
project named "Firebird", rest assured, but we can't just rename and
split up the old "Browser" uber-project overnight, either.

Until we can separate projects in bugzilla and make "Browser" less
ambiguous, we need something like Mozilla Phoenix or Mozilla Firebird.
But not for long -- and anyway, not in a way that harms your project,

> A search on Firebird Browser used to bring up the comercial Firebird
> browsers. Even adding Database to that now still allows a lot of
> noise.

Google has been reducing the bad effects of blogs, which drive Page
Rank higher for interlinked blog chatter pages than for high-quality
primary source pages. I believe that's why you're seeing better
results again, in large part. It seems intends to
segregate blogs into a separate category, a la Usenet groups (see