Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Fwd: Use of the name "Firebird"
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Andrew, Brendan, everyone,

> brendaneich wrote:
> >You're wrong, we will not ship 0.8 under the old name.
> We will see Brendan, we will see...

Andrew, Brendan stated this before: I for one believe him. Despite
your feelings towards Mozilla or how this all started, at least give
them the benefit of doubt.

> >If Chris Hofmann speaks using the old name, it's because he is
> > using the current name.
> Say what you think, Brendan, not what you assume we
> want to hear - which you may also assume wrong, imho.
> I don't beleive Mozilla staff as to now, since what is going on
> states clearly your attitude.
> FACTS speak for you, Brendan.
> Change the facts, please, if you want to give consistency to
> your words.
> 1) The SQL Builder for the Mozilla platform is a FACT
> 2) Referring to Firebird from Mozilla staff is a FACT.
> I will beleive you when you'll change the facts.

It's also a fact that Brendan said that they will change the name
with the .8 release.

> > He is not going to use any new name before it's
> > announced, and he can't very well keep saying "the
> > browser that's only code-named Mozilla
> > Firebird" all the time.
> Is it so hard to put a link on your home page like:
> "Read about the code name Mozilla Firebird" with a
> page explaining the problem? Is it so hard?
> > The idea that this interview confuses anyone is nonsense.
> Really?
> Did you see the support email for your browser here?
> > Going on about how honorless and indecent "Mozilla" is,
> > over something as human and basic as Chris speaking
> > informally about Mozilla Firebird in a clearly-Mozilla
> > context, is in my opinion "indecent". Give it a rest.
> > We are renaming.
> I spoke of indecency simply because this goes on
> from a long time.

What is done is done. Now it's time to set things straight -
wait until the .8 release.

> I said it already few times, Mozilla's attitude is like
> Microsoft's one: money buys it all.
> You won't buy our name, though.
> Yeah, I've been a bit hard on Mozilla, but do you know why?
> Because I've always seen you as the true only alternative to
> Microsoft in the Browser field. This thing really put me down,
> "shall I support a new Microsoft"?
> I'm not against Mozilla or its principles, I'm against this
> thing, this attitude, which weakens your staff at the
> Community.
> "A rose is always a rose whatever name it has", ya know who
> wrote it, don't you? Names change, people live and die.
> What remains, though, is the mark left. Do you want to leave the
> "We have the money and can do whatever we want" one or the
> "We've helped lots of peers to be set free from a monopoly,
> using our open source stuff"?

Brendan, for what it's worth, I'm waiting for the .8 release and
I'm expecting exactly what you said. I cannot speak for others
[members] of our community, but as you can see/read, there are
people who are a bit sensitive on the subject and not everyone
knows what has been said in the past.

Martijn Tonies
FirebirdSQL Foundation Steering Committee