Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Fwd: Use of the name "Firebird"
brendaneich wrote:
>You're wrong, we will not ship 0.8 under the old name.

We will see Brendan, we will see...

>If Chris Hofmann speaks using the old name, it's because he is
> using the current name.

Say what you think, Brendan, not what you assume we
want to hear - which you may also assume wrong, imho.

I don't beleive Mozilla staff as to now, since what is going on
states clearly your attitude.

FACTS speak for you, Brendan.
Change the facts, please, if you want to give consistency to
your words.

1) The SQL Builder for the Mozilla platform is a FACT
2) Referring to Firebird from Mozilla staff is a FACT.

I will beleive you when you'll change the facts.

> He is not going to use any new name before it's
> announced, and he can't very well keep saying "the
> browser that's only code-named Mozilla
> Firebird" all the time.

Is it so hard to put a link on your home page like:

"Read about the code name Mozilla Firebird" with a
page explaining the problem? Is it so hard?

> The idea that this interview confuses anyone is nonsense.


Did you see the support email for your browser here?

> Going on about how honorless and indecent "Mozilla" is,
> over something as human and basic as Chris speaking
> informally about Mozilla Firebird in a clearly-Mozilla
> context, is in my opinion "indecent". Give it a rest.
> We are renaming.

I spoke of indecency simply because this goes on
from a long time.

I said it already few times, Mozilla's attitude is like
Microsoft's one: money buys it all.
You won't buy our name, though.

Yeah, I've been a bit hard on Mozilla, but do you know why?
Because I've always seen you as the true only alternative to
Microsoft in the Browser field. This thing really put me down,
"shall I support a new Microsoft"?

I'm not against Mozilla or its principles, I'm against this
thing, this attitude, which weakens your staff at the

"A rose is always a rose whatever name it has", ya know who
wrote it, don't you? Names change, people live and die.
What remains, though, is the mark left. Do you want to leave the
"We have the money and can do whatever we want" one or the
"We've helped lots of peers to be set free from a monopoly,
using our open source stuff"?

You choose.

Your choice will be your future.