Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Hi, all.

I will put modesty aside. Since some people have asked me about my site,
here we go:

- I didn't want to renew with the old registrar, registryWeb/ In
my view, they have some undesirable and even unethical behavior.
- I let the domain expire and after that, I waited time until the registrar
released the domain (a month or so). After that, there's still another
period (a month) where nobody can get the domain. This period ended few days
- However, someone, presumably from one of the sister companies that seem to
make up a company cluster (a trust?) together with RegistryWeb, got the
domain, just for resale, in the hope that there will be wrong traffic
targeted at my site, that will be of interest to the purchasers. That
person/organization got it before me. I'm not negotiating with that vulture.
- Instead, I got the original domain I had (that I couldn't renew in time
because it was held by, whose customer support is...) so my
site is again at -> forget the .com, folks. GoDaddy was so quick to set up
things... furthermore, my contact information no longer appears in my
domain's details.

Now I will start "normalizing" things, fixing webRing, etc.

Claudio Valderrama C.
Consultant, SW developer. -