Subject Re: RedHat stops doing RH Linux (moved to general)
Author Erik S. LaBianca
> I think the redhat should told the customers someting like this :
> "We make rh 10 more like the oppenoffice , it will be not suported by us
> and it will be called fedora "
> Why it was so hard ? to tell us , Instead they said something like
> "We kill rh 7-9 and there will be no rh 10 and by the way buy rh ES,WS.
> Yah there is a thing called fedora you can download ...And use Windows
> at home for games and free viruses pls , don't touch Linux any linux
> distro is not *mature* enough!! for desktop because my dad said so
> windoze is better"

Agreed 100% on that front. It's taken me a long time to figure out
exactly whats going on, since redhat's official communications have been
so lame. I guess you can't entirely fault them since their sales teams
primary goal is to move people to RHEL.

However, the developers are all about Fedora. I just thought I'd share
what I've figured out from wasting too much time on the fedora lists.

Fedora == Redhat 10 with a little debian thrown in. Just no phone
support from redhat, and a fairly short time period for offical errata.