Subject Re: [Firebird-general] RedHat stops doing RH Linux (moved to general)
Author marius popa
Jaume Sabater wrote:
>>I think the redhat should told the customers someting like this :
>>"We make rh 10 more like the oppenoffice , it will be not suported by us
>>and it will be called fedora "
>>Why it was so hard ? to tell us , Instead they said something like
> Try GNU/Debian Linux: you'll get the best Linux distro without the hassles
> of depending on a private company.
> P.S. Linux will always be (my lovely) Linux while Debian exists, I don't
> care what Suse, Novell, IBM, Red Hat, Mandrake or whoever does. And, by the
> way, Firebird runs as solid rock on my Debian Sid or Woody ;-)

Oh thanks gonna try it some day just updated from rh9 to fedora (~rh9.1).
The new kernel have nptl ,Smooth , Let's see how firebird works on it :)