Subject RedHat stops doing RH Linux (moved to general)
Author marius popa
>Don't give up on redhat yet. Redhat will no longer be providing a free
>version of "Red Hat Linux", and are obviously attempting to stay in
>business through sales of "Red Hat Enterprise Linux". However, they
>have even more developers than before working on Fedora Core, which is
>for all intents and purposes Red Hat Linux 10. Join the mailing lists
>at and you'll see things a very much alive.

I think the redhat should told the customers someting like this :
"We make rh 10 more like the oppenoffice , it will be not suported by us
and it will be called fedora "
Why it was so hard ? to tell us , Instead they said something like

"We kill rh 7-9 and there will be no rh 10 and by the way buy rh ES,WS.
Yah there is a thing called fedora you can download ...And use Windows
at home for games and free viruses pls , don't touch Linux any linux
distro is not *mature* enough!! for desktop because my dad said so
windoze is better"

>Fedora is good because it frees redhat of branding issues, and the
>constraints of making boxed releases that don't go obsolete on store
>shelves immediately. It also means a more open development model, and
a >good chance to get firebird included included in the distro since
it's >now community based. Once things stabilize a bit, I'm planning to
>attempt to get my srpm shoved through their QA and included in Fedora
Wow nice man . You are really fast hehe