Subject more mozilla & firebird confusion
Author Bernard Devlin

has a link on their front page called "Introduction to Firebird" (it
is part 3 in a series).

The link leads here:

where it is clear that it is actually about Mozilla.

A search of their site for "Firebird" brings up 10 search results, *
of these are about Mozilla, 1 is about Firebird. In that one about
Firebird it is called "Firebird-SQL":

It looks to me that because of the naming confusion, people are
taking it upon themselves to rename the true Firebird.

I have not written to them to complain, as I'm not sure what the
official project policy is on this. Do people just want sightings
referred here, and someone in an official capacity can complain and
pass on the items to Mozilla? Please let me know. I'm not going
looking for these items - I am just coming across them in my normal