Subject Re: Another Mozilla Firebird sighting
Author Bernard Devlin
Eugenio, I think you are missing the important detail here.

Mandrake (one of the top 3 Linux distributions) requested that users
vote for software that should be packaged for Mandrake users.

I voted that Firebird be included, but was later told that it would
not be included because 'Mozilla Firebird' was already being
included. Their list of Mandrake RPMs contains 7 references
to "Mozilla Firebird", but not references to our true "Firebird".

This means that when future Mandrake users look through the list of
open source databases that they can install Firebird will _NOT_ be
listed as available.

You can see here ( -
Berkeley DB, MySQL and PostgreSQL are all listed.

Mozilla's carelessness has clearly led to confusion at Mandrake
(where one would have hoped that they would at least have been aware
of the furore that arose earlier this year over this issue). Unless
they ensure that their browser becomes known by another name, it
looks likely that their higher profile will lead to further
obscuration of Firebird for those who are less deeply involved in
open source than the staff at Mandrake.

I hope you now see why this is more of an issue than you think it is.


--- In, Eugenio Segura
<eugeniosegura@y...> wrote:
> Why don't you guys just forget about this Firebird/name thing?
> You would not stop Mozilla to call his product "Mozilla Firebird"
or whateverÂ…
> It already have the name. So what?
> I am betting on this: The Firebird Database project will prevail
after the smoke fade way.