Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Another Mozilla Firebird sighting
Author Artur Anjos
>>Why don’t you guys just forget about this Firebird/name thing?
Somethings can not be forget. We have long plans to our product, and we have been working a lot to establish Firebird as a name that people must recognize as an high quality open source database. Brand recognition is something that you can just forget about it.
Most of people here have jobs that depend on Firebird. It's our live that we are talking about, it's not something to forget and going on.
>>You would not stop Mozilla to call his product "Mozilla Firebird" or whatever…
This newsgroup it's to discuss what's going on with Firebird. Mozilla is something that we should discuss.
>> It already have the name. So what?
For a commom user that uses a Browser? Nothing. It's just the name of the browser. I have find a lot of internet explorer users that don't know what a browser is. They just think that 'ie' icon "is" the internet.
For a Mozilla Browser user a name is just a name. And Mozilla already have an established name - "Mozilla" - something that we had until Mozilla renamed his browser.
For a database developer? It's our live. It's something that we need to sell everyday. It's something that we work around all day. It's our job. It's our professional live. It's something that identifies us on the market. It's something that identifies our skills. Should I continue?
>> I am betting on this: The Firebird Database project will prevail after the smoke fade way.
Of course we will prevail. As I told you, for 99,9% of Firebird users our jobs.
But will be harder to prevail, we will have more obstacules to cross, we will have more things to worry about.
This is an open source project, such as Mozilla. I know that Mozillians understand this very well now. Since AOL abandons the project, the sucess of Mozilla will hardly depend on people that, as we, understand this open source as there lives.
>> So… Forget about Mozilla
Sorry, I can't. There are lots of people that keep me remind about it: Mandrake people is one of them, if you have been folowing this here. I'm sure you understand the importance of having Mandrake distributing Mozilla Browser.... We have been working for a long time on achieving this, and this is a retrocess in the evolution.
Please understand that what we are talking here is our future. And we do care about it.
If you have something more usefull to this discussion that just a 'forget about it', please feel free to share it with us. Otherwise, please understand that you are deeply interfering with my live.