Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author R. Tulloch
Hi Jason:

I can't conceive of what you are talking about or how this is
related to any comment I have made in this NG.

Please explain.


Best regards

Jason Wharton wrote:
> Robert,
> > What egg and what tomatoes?
> I wonder if by chance you have heard of the Landmark Education Forum
> (It's on their site somewhere as a top Adventure.)
> Or, perhaps, the Foundation for Human Understanding
> (aka, the Advice Line)
> (Roy Masters knows his stuff, let me tell you.)
> Either of these organizations are very effective at helping individuals take
> a much closer look at themselves and understand the source of their
> confusions in life. I don't say what I am saying to be rude or insultive
> because I will readily inform you that I am involved with both of them
> myself. There isn't any particular religious affiliation with either of them
> either.
> All the best. If you are into this kind of stuff, you'll thank me.