Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author Pavel Cisar

On 17 Apr 2002, at 10:15, R. Tulloch wrote:

> Hi:
> > Just about to swap to Firebird from IB, having used the latter for 5
> > years.
> >
> > Can anybody give me any guidance on which ODBC driver to use? The
> > driver will be used with Crystal Reports 5 (never got round to moving
> > up to a later version). Reading the information for the available
> > drivers it would seem that the XTG driver has unspecified problems
> > with CR
> I just will not work. The developer does not seem interested in CR
> support for IB.

Hell, NO! He is very committed to make it work with CR (8.0
AFAIK). I had a chat with him recently, and he told me that he is
close to make it work (probably in next release). Mostly thanks to
a CR user who feeds him with good, comprehensive tests and bug
reports. And it's possible that current version would work with CR
5.0 (there ARE problems with CR 8.x).

> The only one that seems to work really well is the EasySoft.
> Problem is the cost and that adder to the cost of an app.
> The alternative is to forget IB/FB and use something like Advantage
> which you pay for but comes with CR connectivity. Plus, it is really
> a cool database, easy to use and conversions to it's native format are
> simple or you can continue to use dbf for instance.

??? Do you have any real interest in making InterBase / Firebird
better ? It seems not. It's very likely that with EasySoft driver (or
some other paid one) the CR will work. So there is no need to
switch to _other paid product_ if IB/FB otherwise fulfil his needs
(and with his 5 years track of success with it).

Of course, IB/FB has it's share of problems as anything, but this
list is intended to help find a solution that would improve the
product, not to discourage others and drive them to other products
that would finally undermine all others goal to make it better. And
because your last message is only a tip of the iceberg that shows
your attitude toward Firebird (and sometimes InterBase), can I ask
why you are still in this list ?

Best regards

Pavel Cisar
Delphree - Delphi Open Source Initiative