Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: (and a Jason rant on "free beer" again)
Author Jason Wharton
Just to clarify a few things:

I am fully aware that probably MOST of the subscribers here are
international folk. I wrote much of what I did with that in mind.

I didn't intend to convey the notion that America does no wrong and I am
sensitive to the gross injustices of our aristocrats, political and
otherwise. I was not alluding to any current political scene but the entire
history of our country. I'm not much into politics, just history. In the big
picture of things, I think America in general has been a useful contributor
to the global well being of our planet. I believe it continues to be so
today. If you disagree, I can handle that and would be glad to consider your
opinions in private. I did not intend to spark off a big political war here.

As for my rant regarding "free beer" related stuff. I clearly stated the
principles my complaint was based on and simply stated I saw some things in
the big picture I felt could go awry if we are not more forward thinking.
Free is just all too seductive to schmooze into without any thought. I used
GPL's virulent nature as an example only. I have only asked that my remarks
be considered food for thought.

I support full source availability and open collaborative development 100%.
I just don't like to see force and control tactics used to any degree in the
process of encouraging that. Nor do I like to see concepts and tactics used
that are harmful to our industry's economy. That is the gist of my point and
I am sure it is valid food for thought. This is also why you will notice I
am one of the sponsors of bug fixes and enhancements to Firebird. I've got
more things I want to sponsor as well and will gladly do so as I am able.

What happened with InterBase is a VERY valid use for OS. Borland had decided
to kill it off and so opening the sources was a commendable and responsible
thing to do. I have no bones with Firebird, other than I know it will
struggle and suffer for lack of a financial footing. Even if Firebird is
unable to thrive, it gave us an opportunity as a community to put some
finishing touches on the IB6 code and have something very usable.

Also, if there are those of you who think I should act more conforming and
tread more lightly with my opinions and comments, let me just tell you a
little more about my nature. I'd rather say something to one's face and be
corrected on the spot if such was needed than harbor some ill misconception
and never have it challenged. If I'm wrong about anything here, I trust
people are going to correct me and I welcome it. Life is too short to go
through it with blinders on fearing this or that. Truth, nothing less will

Perhaps I'm taking some liberties here since I co-started the IBDI and
filled a significant role in influencing things so we could even have the
opportunity to continue using the InterBase technology as we are... If you
think that's wrong of me to do, my apologies.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Jason,
> 1 - This is NOT an USA-only software forum;
> 2 - You should get better informed on how Open Source works, which
> includes getting aware that Open Source is NOT a sinonym to GPL.
> You just have to consider Apache, where there are several
> projects sponsored (with commiters paid) by companies like Sun,
> IBM, etc. and its resulting software being used in commercial
> products from IBM, Sun, Borland, Oracle, etc.
> 3 - You should get better informed on potitics. CNN and NBC are not
> that good at providing you with the full picture you know? I
> would advise you to follow the news at these sites:
> and even some others at:
> (Did you noticed that I included I couple of American
> publications?)
> Have fun,
> Paulo Gaspar