Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Ed Malloy

Yes, this is well said,

And part of what I am trying to say is that the "severity" of the bugs is somewhat subjective and that the perception of the severity may be based on many factors including acceptable substitutes.

I use both infopower and Orpheus: infopower primarily for its wonderul grids; Orpheus for fields, and so much more. Fortunatley I do not have budget constraints so I can purchase a component suite even If I use only one or two of the available components. We are a corporation approaching $75 million (USD) in annual sales volume (vehicles) and I write and maintain all of the information systems with only myself, one full-time assistant and some consultants on an "as-needed" basis. We can do this because of the power of Delphi and the availability of many great components.

I certainly agree that time and expertise are not directly related. Also that there are many, many different fields of expertise w/in Delphi/Interbase. My expertise is in developning and maintaining Order Fulfillment, Inventory and accounting applications.

I must admit, Claudio, that I am smiling, but I will try and restate the --Year-- problem, which I have long ago worked around. I am not exactly sure of the exact specifics, but when I converted an interbase table of our fleet of vehicles from I believe 4.6 to 5.x using a backup & restore the coversion was success, however one of the columns: Year (as in Year, Make & Model) is not accessible in a simply query from ibConsole, nor from the BDE, :
SELECT ..., Year, ... FROM CARS WHERE .....
Nor is it accessible using : SELECT ..., t1."Year", ... FROM CARS t1 WHERE .....

Until I was able to ascertain the YEAR had been added to the reserved words list this was a abit of a mystery, but once that was known the solution was simple, though tedious. I still wonder how it could have been "translated" in the first place.

What I did was go back to the earlier version of interbase, ALTER TABLE there to create a new attribute YR and then DROP YEAR . Then I reinstalled the newer vesion and upgraded the table via BACKUP & RESTORE. Is that clear enough for you? Simply stated you cant create a relation with an attribute YEAR, but the upgrade/translation process allowed for this to exist. I couldn't understand why I couldn't access an existing attributes data.

I see that apparently you can create an attribute in ISQL with a reserver word name. I don't know whether I'd call the a feature ... or a bug!

Unless my memory is failing me, your message is the first that explicity described HOW they dealt with the issue. (or possibly I couln't image such a major different betwee isql & ibconsole).

>It's easy to criticize, denigrate and piss others when you get peer support
>in good faith and for free. Nobody guarantees that flux to be bullet-proof.
>Heck, even paid support goes wrong several times with any product from
>reputable companies.

I totally agree with this. And it is also important to accept the advice for what it is. I have learned much from people in support forums -- way back to the compuserve days, and I have also wasted time here too. I don't regret the "wasting" though, since it is part of the process.

>Being myself a person that enjoys the sarcasm, I disagree. Your first post
>said textually at the end «(gee, sort of sounds like an unnamed nw US
>software company, doesn't it!)» including the typo that I think is "new".
>And you were referring to CPS (Jason's company). What do you expect? Jason
>laughing? Try to make for example the same joke at the FibPlus forums and
>see if you get flack or not.

Well I must admit that that was an attempt at humor. But it does capsulize my feelings that both groups -- on different scales - commit the same error. I meant it as criticism, but not sarcasm. And I hope that it could be taken with a smile.

Finally Claudio, I do appreciate you long, well thought out response. I hope that you can understand what I said in the first message, and what I have said in the ensuing messages.



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