Subject FYI: *free* IBExpert personal edition as an alternative to IBConsole
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi all,

after there have been some threads on this list about IBConsole and making
it FB compatible, just to let you all know: since yesterday there is a *free*
version of IBExpert ("personal edition") ready for download. It is limited
to a certain degree (e.g. the StoredProc debugger from the full version is
missing), but after a first glance it seems it has all the functions one
needs for administrating both IB *and* FB databases. I talked to Holger Klemt
today and he is determined to continue supporting both IB and Firebird in his
tool (including the new free version) in the future. Now is this good news
or what? :-)

You can find the download from

(...and please note i don't work for H-K Software, i'm just an IBExpert
*user* - thought i'd clarify this before anyone slaps me for FYI: instead
of ANN: <g>)

P.S.: this certainly won't stop me from working on GMarathon, as i am
still in favour of a real open source admin tool for a real open source
database, but until GMarathon 2 is ready for production environments -
a free (though not open source) IBExpert version is something one could
live with, isn't it? ;-)


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