Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Ed Malloy

I'm glad to see that someone had the time to selectively review some of my comments.

However these comments have nothing to do with my comments here. My problems and the existence of bugs are two separate issues. In this group my comment had to do with the fact that
a.) "buggy, buggy, buggy" intended to imply that the components were relased for sale without thorough testing, and
b.) there were more components that I needed or was interested in using.

FWIW I have used Delphi for as long as Delphi has existed; prior to that I worked mostly in C. I have programmed in SQL for as long as I have been working with database. I would hazard a guess of 20 yrs.

As for the Year issue:, of course the "so-called" experienced programmers were wrong, since ... t1."Year" ... FROM table t1 does not work (and never did w/v6 afik) I presume that I could go into the the interabase system tables and remove the column, but since it isn't bothering anything I have left it there. I think that this is a nearly perfect example of some of the bad advice you can get here from the half-baked experts. As with any "free-lunch" you get what you pay for. I know that there is also very good advice available here, but one needs to be able to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Helen, I do appreciate the great effort that you have undertaken to attack me. It really doesn't bother me in the least. If you had used your obviously great supply of free time to document just a small sample of the bug reports that exist in the same newsgroup you would have done a service to the original poster. Please note that in no way do I equate bug reports with an inferior product. I simply mean that, for me, the code was released to quickly

I do enljoy the way 6 or 7 of the people on this newsgroup pull together when you feel threatened. Let me try and make it clear: I was never and am NOT denigrating the IBO effort, I simply was and AM saying that is that IBO was not for me, and may not be for other people either.

ed malloy