Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: New Name for IBConsole fork...
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Sábado 13 de Abril de 2002 23:31
> Okay, so it does (extensive??)
> What is this item in the link? A dialog to do what you can do in
> console
> in seconds??
> >

Have you noticed that the URL is pretty long and may have wrapped to three
lines in your email reader?
It's a direct URL of one of the source files that make up IBAccess. Here you
can tell whether it's made with IBX or not. That was what all I said. Did
you happen to read that part of my post? I didn't make any assumption about
the purpose of the file.

Now I assume you read the source file indeed for your comment. I could have
taken any direct URL to any source file just as an example. The point was
which db components are used in the source of IBAccess for you to check if
it was IBX, not specifically what this file implements. Probably you're
right from the comment at the top, it implements a basic dialog box for
generators. Actually, isn't that IBConsole shows a three-tabbed dialog box
when you click a generator's name, for example? Probably a newer IBC version
than mine (338) does more, but here the generator's value is R/O and the
Dependencies tab is useless. Even IB_SQL uses a hack to get dependencies on
a generator against IB that unlike FB, doesn't track them.

Whether you like IBAccess or not is not my problem. I don't use it, but if
there're people interested in cooperating with code, well go again to
Helen's idea: there's IBAccess made with IBX, there's IBConsole made with
IBX that Jeff said it can be forked and there's GMarathon done with IBO.
Also, you can cooperate with the original IBConsole if you want, like
Krzysztof Golko does.

I fear people in this list are getting tired quickly of redundant